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Here to Help You Reach Your Professional Goals!



Here to Take You to the Next Level!

Do you feel as though no matter how many jobs that you apply to, you just don't seem to be getting any hits? Have you recently experienced a layoff?

Shifting gears to the high school population, do you feel lost in the college admissions process? Are you unsure how to write the perfect personal statement or where to start in your scholarship search?

Whichever of these scenarios that may apply to you, your professional coach is here to ensure that you reach your professional goals in the matter of a few months! Take a look at what we offer.




Satisfied Clients

Everything that I consult with Leah about, whether it is essay editing, resume editing, or making sure my proposals are ready for submission, I ALWAYS get the grant or the job that I am applying for! 

Amoz W.

Leah was amazing!  She was extremely helpful and patient with me in guiding me through a career change. I didn’t realize how out of date my resume was and with her knowledge and suggestions to revamp my resume, it really stands out now!  I’m so grateful I had the opportunity to work with her! I would definitely recommend her to my friends and family.

Jennifer D.

My son is a senior and I had no idea where to start in getting him prepared to apply to schools. Leah saved the day. She made sure we got in touch with the school counselor to set up Naviance and be able to request transcripts, she set goals for my son to reach such as getting a teacher recommendation by a certain date, and she also sent thorough emails with instructions and resources to assist us in this process. I am so happy that I found her!

Daveena J.

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