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Using My Experience, to Propel Your Professional Life

Your Professional Coach, Leah Powell, graduated from Spelman College with a Bachelor of Arts in English. She most recently

found herself needing to revamp her resume and LinkedIn profile when she was laid off from her job of 2 and a half years in May of 2022.

She immediately updated her resume and LinkedIn profile, consulted with hiring managers to learn what the hiring forecast looks like and what impresses them, and she brushed up on her interviewing skills. By August, a hiring manager in the D.C. area (which required her to do 3 interviews), was interested in hiring her. Her family ultimately convinced her to stay in Chicago and by September she was turning down interviews because she was offered so many. She ultimately accepted a role as an Educational Specialist in which she assists students and families with college and career planning.

Leah knows how it feels to get discouraged when job hunting and interviewing, and she wants to equip others with a standout resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile while putting their minds at ease. She also wants to share tips on interviewing and job hunting, which will have her clients back working in no time! 


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